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Hephzi Pemberton is a UK business founder and advisor, who believes in the power of good business to transform society. In 2018, Hephzi founded Equality Group, an Inclusion and Diversity specialist business focused on the Finance and Technology industry. Equality Group helps companies to diversify their teams, using their executive search service, and creates more inclusive cultures with their consulting and education services.

The essential playbook for building an inclusive workplace. Beyond attracting and hiring diverse talent, this book covers how to develop, promote and retain talent from all background. A must-read for leaders who wish to bridge the gap between surviving and thriving in the modern workplace.

Dr Lisa ShuExecutive Director of the Newton Venture Program

The Diversity Playbook is a must-read for business leaders hoping to make impact in their organization. Well-written, easy to understand and filled with examples, actionable reflections and exercises, the book provides an evidence-based approach to increasing diversity across any organization.

Vivian BertsekaFounding Partner at Just Climate

A necessary and timely treatment of a real and pressing issue. Hephzi takes scientific research and distills it into relevant and practical advice for the business world.

Dr Keon WestReader in Social Psychology at Goldsmiths and Head of Research at Equality Group

We know diversity is good for business. The Diversity Playbook tells you how to turn the theory into reality. This book is for every founder and business leader who wants to compete for the best talent and create a culture where everyone can thrive.

Emma Sinclair MBECoFounder of EnterpriseAlumni and UNICEF advisor

If you want to understand how to make your organisation more diverse and inclusive, but don’t know where to start, read this book. Clear and concise, and based on the latest research, The Diversity Playbook is an essential guide to transforming your business.

Matthew GreenAuthor and former Financial Times correspondent

Hephzi Pemberton’s key message in ‘The Diversity Playbook’ is that organisations that embrace diversity will ultimately do better. They will be able to create more wealth for their employees and shareholders as a result of the greater creativity that comes from greater inclusion.

Nicola HorlickCEO of Money & Co


Hephzi Pemberton’s first nonfiction, business book The Diversity Playbook provides an empowering and uplifting experience. It contains proven expertise, factual examples and practical tools to transform your business and leadership approach with inclusion and innovation as a central shared goal and priority.

Her book demonstrates with clarity, relevant case studies and the latest research, as well as an applicable exercise in each chapter, to show how leaders and firms who embrace and embed inclusion and diversity into their business will benefit. They will be the businesses that innovate and adapt more rapidly. They will have a workplace culture that the latest talent seeks out and stays with. They will reach a wider set of customers and clients who feel valued and understood. They know that to achieve these benefits and many others besides, leaders and businesses now and in the future will have to take inclusion and diversity seriously.


Inclusion and Diversity

Hephzi is the founder and CEO of Equality Group, a specialist business focused on the Finance and Technology industry. Equality Group helps accelerate social sustainability in the private sector.

Business Consultancy

Over the past decade, Hephzi has advised a number of businesses on their hiring practices, board composition, compensation structure, strategic and fundraising plans.

Thought Leadership

Hephzi speaks and writes on the topics of sustainable business, entrepreneurship, diversity, and inclusion across multiple media platforms. She is a passionate speaker and advocates for positive change in business.